At Absafe, we want to banish team building clichés – you won’t find towers made out of spaghetti here.

We’ve turned traditional team building on its head by creating our innovative CSI: Absafe programme, an alternative team building exercise that puts your employees at the heart of an investigation.

Our CSI: Absafe events are aimed at improving team work, communication and critical thinking whilst also re-engaging your teams with safety. We stage safety incidents where delegates need to interview witnesses, examine evidence and delve into the details to uncover the root causes that have led to the incident.

We can deliver our CSI: Absafe experience in your premises or here at The Safe – and can tailor our offering to fit your needs.


We recently worked with Statoil UK to deliver a CSI: Aberdeen for its Operations team. Here’s what they said about us:

“When considering a team building event for a group of operational personnel, we wanted something that could be tailored to our needs whilst challenging the most analytical minds we have!

The Absafe experience offered a thought provoking crime scene investigation, allowing us all to play detectives for a day. We all know that a successful team means working together and our crime could only be solved if we worked collaboratively and with clear communications being crucial to the outcome. It was fun, educational and brought out the competitive streak in everyone.

Absafe listened to our needs and sculptured the day accordingly and it was a pleasure to be able to support such a worthwhile, local charity.”

Jenny Barclay, Principal Logistics Supervisor, Statoil (U.K.)