H20 Heroes

We have joined forces with Rosie Payne to create a start-up business- S.A.I.L (Saving and Inspiring Lives)

The three co-founders (Rosie, Louise and Kairn) have been accepted to Robert Gordon University‘s Start-up Accelerator program for their first product idea, “H2o Heroes”. H2o Heroes is an app that will mirror the fun and engaging methods we use at The Safe, but in App form!

The game involves hunting for QR codes to uncover AR water creatures, beautifully designed by the very talented Rosie Payne (@rosapaynedesign).

It offers a HUGE range of water safety information as well as tips on keeping our beach clean. If you want to keep up to date with S.A.I.Ls progress in the accelerator program and beyond give them a follow- Absafe SAIL.