Child Safety Week Part 2

Child Safety Week Part 2

Child safety week is 1st -7th of June and its aim is to raise awareness of risks to children having accidents and preventing these from happening. The week is run by Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and the theme of this year is to raise awareness of children being burned or scalds because most of these accidents are completely and easily avoidable.

This second part of child awareness week is dedicated to raise awareness for Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). We are going to give you helpful advice on how to raise awareness using social media platforms. Below you will find social media posts that can be used on all social media. We have looked through all the suggestions that Children’s Burns Trust (CBT) have suggested and we have selected the ones that are short, snappy and quick to use on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Social Media Post Ideas:

  • Family life is more complex than ever. Help keep children safe. #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • Hair straighteners can get as hot as your iron and can still burn 15 mins after they are switched off #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • Your hot drink can scald a baby 15 minutes after it has been made #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • With so many appliances and devices on charge, make sure not to overload electricity sockets #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • What’s the quickest route out of your house in a fire? Make sure you and your family all know it #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense

Want to add pictures?

These will help your posts stand out and gain the attention of an audience that you are targeting child safety week towards.

Child safety week logo –

First aid advice image –

Hot drinks –

Cooking –

Bath time –

In this article we also promised we would provide factsheets, a parent pack to help mums and dads to prevent accidents in your household from happening. Click the links below for helpful information.

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