We help save lives by educating the community about real safety issues that affect everyone.

Join us in making a difference. Why not host your own event for Absafe and raise oodles of cash in the meantime? Whether you’re holding a bake sale, dressing up as superheroes or even scaling a mountain – we appreciate your support and welcome your enthusiasm for our cause. Take a look at some of our fundraising ideas if you need some inspiration. Contact us for posters, sponsor forms and more.

Fundraise At School

Our relationships with local schools are really important to us. We’d love for you all to help us out with some fundraising in the classroom. How about trying out some of these fundraising ideas in your school?

BAKE OFF CONTEST: Who doesn’t love homemade bakes? Get creative in the kitchen and host a bake sale in your classroom or lunch hall. We are available to taste and judge your culinary collaborations.

SPORTING CHALLENGE: Turn PE lessons into a fitness fundraiser with an Absafe sports day, starjump-a-thon or football tournament.

STARS OF THE STAGE: Could you fundraise for us in your panto, end of term concert or talent show?

DRESS UP, DRESS DOWN: By organising a no uniform or fancy dress day, you could help us purchase new equipment for The Safe.

Fundraise At Work

Our friends at local businesses have fundraised for us in the most innovative ways. How about trying some of these events at your office, with proceeds going towards prepping the next generation of safety professionals?

FIRE UP THE BARBECUE: In the summer months, set up a charity BBQ and ask people who attend to donate.

CHARITY CAR WASH: A fundraising car wash is simple to organise in staff car parks, is fun to take part in, and is a great way to raise funds.

GET BUSY WITH THE QUIZZY: Get people together for a quiz night to test your general knowledge. These events are informative and fun, and encourage some healthy competition among departments.

Need More Ideas?

Contact Louise today to discuss how you could help us or email her at

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