MindSafe – Absafe’s new Mindfulness Venture

We have expanded our Health and Safety Education to include looking after the community’s mental health. We will teach people the skills to be able to look after this themselves.
We are using social media to spread the positive message about mindfulness. We are using platforms like TikTok and Instagram to teach young people how to practice it. We are also offering mindfulness coaching to businesses, at a small price. This cost is not only an investment for the business, but will help fund better mental health for children.

Researchers believe the benefits of mindfulness are related to its ability to dial down the body’s response to stress. Chronic stress can impair the body’s immune system and make many other health problems worse. By lowering the stress response, mindfulness may have downstream effects throughout the body.

Mindfulness also helps in reducing anxiety whilst increasing productivity and contributes to a greater sense of presence. It helps people to become more successful.
We know that 63% of Employees experience stress in their jobs and poor mental health can cost UK employers up to £45 Billion a year. Every £1 invested in mental wellbeing companies can expect a return of £5 per employee, nationally and internationally it costs the global economy 1 trillion US$.

In most organisations, 9 in 10 people observed presenteeism over the last 12 months, the symptoms can range from fatigue, impaired attention, problems with concentration and poor memory. Managing the challenge of presenteeism of the workforce during the pandemic has accelerated the need to support staff with their mental wellbeing.
Mindfulness in the workplace is a hot topic among businesses as a way to help reduce stress – a dominant cause of employee disengagement that can also hinder productivity. According to a study conducted by The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, more than half of the 550 million working days lost every year from absenteeism are stress related. Further, 80 percent of employees report that they feel stress at work and need help learning how to manage it.

Coaching the brain is a fantastic advantage for companies; better decisions will be made within your business and improve the welfare of all your employees. This has a huge positive impact on employees and employers as it has a direct relation to good Health and Safety practice, using mindfulness can keep everyone safer and healthier, whilst benefiting from associated economic gains, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity.

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