Here at Absafe, we’re willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

We were more than happy to travel to Bergen, Norway for Cabot Speciality Fluids, who asked us to take our CSI: Absafe programme to international waters.

The Cabot team in Aberdeen requested that we deliver a dual session for employees based here and the next day, travel to meet their colleagues in Norway.

Our involvement was part of the company’s Global Safety Day, where Cabot teams around the globe worked together on safety-themed initiatives.

We hosted the Altens-based team at our facility, where 22 employees turned detective to work out the series of events that led to the fake road incident.

To keep things fair, we travelled to the Bergen office and repeated the same incident with the 12 members of the Norwegian team– and asked the Aberdeen contingent to refrain from sharing any key information.

Kirsty Robertson, Cabot Speciality Fluids’ SHEQ Leader said:  "The CSI: Absafe experience was everything we had hoped for and more.  The teams both in Aberdeen and Bergen really enjoyed it, with one Norwegian colleague saying it was the best Global Safety Day he’d had in the past five years.

“We love what Absafe is about and it has the right team behind them to drive success. We hope Cabot can help to be part of Absafe’s future success and we’re looking forward to supporting Absafe in whatever way that we can.”

Cabot Speciality Fluids enjoyed working with us so much that they donated essential funds for us to purchase interactive tablets, and will be donating some of their time to volunteer with us after the summer.