Our Sponsors

Absafe would like to say a massive thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

Absafe Sponsors support us as a charity in many different was and not just making a donations.  As a charity our aim is to educate the next generation about safety education and we have a lot of support from our sponsors.  We have an army of dedicated enthusastic volunteers who volunteer with us at our base in Aberdeen.  Could you as help us with volunteering as an organisation?

Absafe Is Not Just Your Normal Charity

If you sponsor Absafe you will not be sponsors a normal charity.  If you Sponsor Abafe you will be sponsoring a charity which aims to saves lifes! Absafe educates children in our dedicated base in Aberdeen.  Since we opened in 2014 we have delivered 100s of engaging and interactive sessions with children in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 

Could Your Business Help Us?

If you’re interested, drop us an email at hello@absafe.org.uk or visit us in Aberdeen

Many Thanks To: