We Are Absafe.

Dedicated to saving lives by instilling a positive culture and passion for health & safety through education and engagement.

Our Story

We educate schools, communities and businesses in the fundamentals of health and safety awareness. Our methods are engaging, interactive and most importantly, fun.

We teach the basics of personal safety from our facility in Aberdeen, The Safe, to ensure no one learns about safety by accident.  Our dedicated team of staff and our voluntters teach the next generation about safety.  We are always looking for new volunteers to teach in out facility in Aberdeen.  Click Here to find out more about Volunteering with Absafe. We are with you throughout your safety journey, from the classroom to the workplace – safety is in our DNA and it’s what makes us tick.

Since our inception in 1997, we have come a long way and have taught thousands of children, enrolled hundreds of volunteers, and been supported by a number of corporate sponsors. In line with our stategy we are developing our facility, The Safe, to include our new sets – water safety and alcohol safety. These will become part of our safety programme in early 2020. In order to sustain and build on the great work that we do, we look to partner and work with organisations who put health, safety and wellbeing at the heart of their business.

Our Vision and Values

Our VISION is for a safer future; free from fatal or life-changing unintentional injury and harm, with protective and educated communities inspired by a passion for safety.

Our PURPOSE is to advance safety learning, stop accident and save lives – so no one has to learn safety by accident.

We’re committed to change through positive engagement – this is our BRAND PROMISE.

Our ultimate MISSION is to reduce home and road accidents and support community safety.

Be A Part of The Absafe Family