Our Story

We are a creative charity determined to generate safe, happy, healthy people and communities. Our purpose is to inspire a culture of safety and pro-social behaviour through education to achieve our mission of saving lives, preventing harm and reducing crime in our community.

We teach the basics of personal safety from our facility in Aberdeen (Absafe Community Hub). Our visitors learn the vital skills they need to keep themselves safe and alive. 

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers teach the next generation about risks, and how to avoid them. We cover a range of topics from traditional ones, like fire safety, to more unconventional ones, like the risks of vaping and cyber awareness. 

Responsive To Community Needs

Since we started in 1997, we have taught thousands of young people, enrolled hundreds of volunteers, and been supported by a number of corporate sponsors. 

We are always looking to improve and move with the times - in 2021 we developed our facility to include two new sets (water safety and alcohol awareness). This was in response to a rise in fatal water related incidents and a spike in irresponsible alcohol consumption. 

We are constantly asking, listening, and looking for new ways we can support the community. We regularly update our existing sets to focus on the most prevalent and important issues to our community. 

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In order to sustain and build on the great work that we do, we look to partner and work with organisations who put health, safety, and wellbeing at the heart of their business.

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We are small but DETERMINED!

“Absafe is an amazing charity to lead, we work very hard to deliver education in a fun interactive way when 95% of young people tell us that they have learned something to save their lives and other people's lives, what is there not to love and be proud of? The unique nature of what we do and the impact and fun we have, make this job the best in the world”
– Louise Richardson (CEO)
“I started as an intern with Absafe in 2019 while I was studying at RGU and I absolutely LOVED it! I never imagined I would work with children but seeing how much impact I can have on the lives of our local young people changed my perspective. So, when Louise called to offer me a job after I finished my studies I jumped at the opportunity- fast forward 2 years I am now the project manager where I get to create a lasting impact for future generations as part of my daily job. Does it get any better?”
– Kairn McKee (Project Manager)
“I'm absolutely delighted to join the incredible team at Absafe as the School Coordinator. My role here is all about making an impactful difference in the lives of young people. With a strong passion for education and safety, I'm thrilled to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to the Absafe family. Beyond work, you'll often find me coaching football for young people, where I continue to make a difference in their lives. I'm excited to be part of the Absafe mission, and I look forward to working together to create a safer and brighter future for our community.”
– Nicola Downie (School Co-ordinator)


“I am a highly motivated safety professional with a committed approach to my career. My qualifications in Health & Safety and Science combined with extensive experience in offshore Oil and Gas operations have allowed me to develop into a skilful and competent person. Furthermore I am an active Graduate member of IOSH working towards chartered membership. In addition to this I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Safety & Risk management which will further enhance my knowledge and understanding of Health & Safety in the workplace and how to manage the associated risks.”
– Colin Patterson (Chairperson)
“I am a safety engineer. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master's degree in Oil & Gas Engineering, earned from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. In addition to my engineering qualifications, I am a certified Life & Solution-Focused Coach. My passion for safety and community well-being has led me to volunteer as a Health and Safety Educator at Absafe, where I also serve as the Vice-Chair on the Board. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with various not-for-profit organizations, including German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), Centre for Social Development Initiative (CSDI), and NYSC Skills Acquisition Club, where I had the privilege of serving as Secretary-General. My lifelong goal is to drive innovation by working with individuals and businesses to identify leverage points within their communities, aiming to make a positive impact on safety and well-being. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading books on psychology, writing, and actively volunteering to support causes I believe in.”
– Hadiza Sado-Abdullahi, (Vice-Chair)

Our Mission and Vision

Our VISION is a safer future; free from fatal or life-changing injury and harm.

Our PURPOSE is to advance safety education through positive engagement, to inspire and save lives.

Our ultimate MISSION is to reduce harm and death, to save and inspire lives in our community.

Help us on our mission!

We have a range of volunteering opportunities available - from educating to video editing.