We are Absafe

The North-East of Scotland's only charity dedicated to health and safety education

We inspire & save lives in our community.

We teach all things health and safety, from road and water safety, to cyber security and mental wellbeing, with the aim of preventing accidents, reducing crime and promoting mental health within our community.

From our interactive facility, Absafe Community Hub, we take our visitors on an unforgettable safety journey that gives real-life context to the learning experience, so that if they ever find themselves in an emergency situation they can react quickly to mitigate risk and avoid fatality. 

Want to become a safety warrior?

We are always looking for people to join our team of voluntary safety warriors who deliver life saving education to children and young people.

We are the North-East of Scotland's only charity dedicated to health, safety and risk education.

All of the work we do aims to provide our service users with tools and knowledge to keep themselves safe and alive, as well as providing them with skills to contribute positively to society.

Community Outreach

We know it's not possible for everyone to come to us. During 2022 we were able to reach over 900 people out-with school groups from a diversity of…

Mind Safe

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School Safe

Educational Offers It’s our mission to ensure we’re at the heart of building happy and safe communities. We do this by making our education engaging…

Want to help but don't have the time?

We understand that what we do isn't for everyone - that's why we have launched "Fives for Lives" so EVERYONE can get involved in our life saving mission!