Our Work

Making Education Fun

We use engaging and interactive methods to deliver our education!

We are aware health and safety isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, which is why we make it FUN! 

How many times have you sat in a fire training session, delivered by PowerPoint, looking at the same triangle, hearing the same thing? 

And truthfully, how much do you remember when you leave? 

We move away from traditional classroom-based activities, in favour of an unforgettable educational experience. An experience where various parts of the brain are engaged, where different learning styles are catered for, an experience that is remembered for a lifetime!

Have you Visited Absafe?

We have had teachers who attended as P7s, now bringing their P7 class along for their own experience. Serving police officers coming to our facility for meetings, and recounting their P7 class trip. University students joining the voluntary team with their Absafe experience etched in their memory.

"I visited Absafe when I was in P7, it was a fantastic experience that I'd love to share with my own class"

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