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Fives for Lives!

We have launched a new fundraising campaign that ALL businesses can support.

Fives for lives was designed with all sized businesses in mind - from micro to huge multi-national corporations, we have something for you. 

We have came up with five levels of support:

  1. Interact with our social media platforms 5 times. This could be simple interactions such as liking, sharing and commenting. Or, you can go the extra mile and create content to tag us in! (Aimed at micro/small businesses)
  2. Donate £500 or choose a school to sponsor to visit A.C.H. The cost to run a full day workshop covering 8 life-saving topics for up to 35 children is £500. Meaning for under £15 per child you could give them the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that will help to keep them free from harm! (Aimed at small businesses)
  3. £5000 would benefit over 350 young people! This would provide 10 school classes with a full day of health, safety and risk education covering 8 topics. (Aimed at SMEs)
  4. £15000 would provide over 800 young people with a trip to A.C.H. With a donation this generous we can provide 22 classes of young people with invaluable life skills. (Aimed at large businesses)
  5. £50,000 would make you a primary sponsor! This would help safeguard our vital safety education, so we can inspire a passion for safety in the people of the North-East. (Aimed at large businesses)

Employee Engagement

Becoming Part of the Absafe Team

Although money is GREAT- there are other ways to support Absafe:

  • Promote the opportunity for staff to donate time through our volunteering programme. We have opportunities to suit all skills; from front facing - delivering the sessions, to behind the scenes - helping with social media, video editing, fundraising, admin and everything in between. Whatever skills you already have, you can put them to use here!
  • Consider Absafe for your next team building event. We can create and deliver bespoke events for businesses in various areas of HSE including mental wellbeing and cyber security.
  • Promote the work Absafe does to your networks and stakeholders.  We appreciate every little bit of awareness generated for Absafe's mission, so, help us SHOUT it from the metaphorical rooftops of our networks.
  • Run fundraising campaigns and events for the benefit of Absafe. We are open to anything; any weird, wacky and wonderful ideas are welcome here at Absafe. So, if you’ve got a great idea for a fundraiser, now you’ve got the perfect charity to run it for 😊.

Huge thank you to our current sponsors!

Scotch Whisky Association - For 3 years in a row SWAF have funded our alcohol awareness and pro-social behaviour set. This has enabled us to deliver interactive workshops to over 6000 young people! It has also allowed us to employ a full-time project manager to oversee the delivery and evaluation of this project. Total awarded £76,782 

CNOOC - CNOOC have supported the delivery of cyber awareness training to over 1500 young people. We continually update our cyber security set as the advice and latest scams are ever changing, Having the funding from CNOOC means we can allocate enough staff time to this ever increasing risk to our young people. Total awarded £21,000

ACVO We were awarded funds from the community mental health and wellbeing fund by ACVO. This is to deliver cyber resilience training to over 55s. We believe everyone has the right to be connected to others, and to be involved in the modern world. Total Awarded £6090

Robert Gordon University - We took part in their accelerator program and we were awarded funding to help develop our water safety app - H2o Heroes. The app is the first of its kind in Scotland and has the potential to save many lives. We are actively looking for more funding to improve the app so it can reach its full potential! Awarded £4,000

Download H2o Heroes Here!

Find the 5-sea creature shaped signs at Aberdeen beach, scan the QR codes to reveal the water safety tips, complete the quizzes and get your reward. Find all 5 to become a H2o Hero!