Volunteer with Absafe

Inspire and Save Lives Through Education

What To Expect

As one of our volunteers, you are part of a close-knit team, all with a common goal – to use education to save lives. You’ll help us deliver our dynamic safety sessions, and all we ask for is plenty of energy, a positive attitude and an interest in developing your own skills. 

The process

  1. Get in touch to express your interest in volunteering - you can email, call or reach out via social media.
  2. We will invite you for an informal interview and apply for a PVG for you (an in-depth background check). We show you around our facility and get to know each other to ensure we are right for you. 
  3. Once your PVG is returned we will send you dates of events that we need help with - you choose the ones you're available for (there is no minimum contribution - we work around you).
  4. You will be paired with a trained volunteer until you feel comfortable and confident to go solo. Again, this is all at your pace!
  5. Congrats! You are now a volunteer - simple!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation!

We have a hugely diverse team of volunteers and that's how we like it! We welcome young people from all walks of lives, meaning it's imperative that we also welcome volunteers from ALL backgrounds. We want our young visitors to be seen, understood and represented by Absafe staff and volunteers.


There are LOADS of benefits to volunteering, from learning new skills to making new friends. Everyone will have their own reasons for volunteering - be it personal development or to give back selflessly - we want our volunteers to get as much as possible out of their time at Absafe!

Here are the top 3 benefits our volunteers state:

Learn and practice new skills.

Studying? Looking to change career? After that big promotion?

Whatever the reason, we ALL need to develop and improve our skills.

We offer a unique, inclusive and nurturing environment to learn a HUGE range of skills. Or you can put your already existing skills to great use. Whether you want to be front facing, practising your presentation skills and gaining confidence in public speaking, or behind the scenes, helping with video editing and social media. We have got you covered.

We make it our priority to help our volunteers improve their skills and grow as individuals, to gain skills and experience so they can hit their personal development goals!

Improved health and wellbeing.

Volunteering is GREAT for mental wellbeing - you get a sense of purpose while also helping others.

Studies have shown that volunteering activates the reward centre in your brain, meaning you get a release of the "happy hormones" (serotonin, dopamine and endorphins). Which would explain why you feel so much better after volunteering - particularly when you chose a cause or activity that is meaningful to you!

So, if you are keen to save and inspire lives through education, this is the one for you!

Build your confidence.

Being away from the working world for an extended time and looking to re-join can seem daunting!

Volunteering can be a wonderful stepping-stone, you can contribute to a team without the pressure of a 9-5 job, gain confidence in a non-judgmental environment, brush up on skills without worrying about appraisals or impressing a new boss.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to find your feet in a working environment. It allows you to grow your confidence on your own terms and puts you back in control!


Thank you for your support!

“I love volunteering at Absafe because it is supportive and fun. I get to keep kids safe, I enjoy working with young people and the Hub is great, It has helped me gain confidence and allowed me to gain my independence back and everyone around me has noticed that I am happier. I feel safe here and I get to have a cup of tea in a boat - what more can I ask for?”
– Alix Jamieson
“Volunteering at Absafe brings me so much joy! I've been doing it for 8 years and nothing would stop me being involved with this amazing charity. Every group of kids are different, with different learning styles and knowledge base. But one thing they have in common, they help us make health and safety fun!”
– Julia Stringer
“I started volunteering at Absafe in 2013; my boss at the time thought I would be good at “Scaring the Weans” so I agreed to come along to Absafe. My sons were lucky growing up with lots of opportunities. Absafe opened my eyes to the fact that not all children get such a great start in life. If coming to Absafe gives these children a chance at a different experience or opens their eyes to risks they didn’t know existed then that’s got to be worth supporting.”
– Judith Macdonald