Absafe in the Community

We Have Made it Our Priority to Increase Our Community Outreach Offers

We know it's not possible for everyone to come to us.

During 2022 we were able to reach over 900 people out-with school groups from a diversity of backgrounds, and this year we plan to increase this! 

One of our focuses this year will be on cyber security training. We have seen a huge increase in cyber crime over the last few years and in response we have started the project "Cyber resilience - for over 55s".


We will be running in-person educational sessions for over 55s that focus on accessing the internet safely. Anecdotally we know that people feel fear about using the internet. Either due to horror stories from their friends or families of scams and hacks, or through bad personal experiences.

The internet can be a fantastic resource to stay connected but it also has many risks. 

Access to education is for everyone!

Free Sessions For Over 55s

We have created an accessible cyber resilience session - to arm you with the tools to spot and avoid online risks.

We want to give you the skills and confidence to use the internet to your advantage, without being worried about your money being stolen, or your accounts being hacked.

Our sessions are free to anyone living in Aberdeen who is aged 55 and over - no experience, skill or devices required.